The renowned photographer whose work has been in the covers of some of the most important magazines of fashion at an international level, now invites us explore the research he has been working on over the past years, and artistic work that began with the desire of representing what for him is truthful beauty, freed from the preconceived ideas of how a woman should look like, or feel like in this modern day society.  His subjects are real women, strong even in their weakness, beautiful even with their flaws.
Reserved and introverted this young artist has used photography as a channel to create a distinctive style based on his understanding of painting from the past centuries, like the dramatic use of light and shadow found on Caravaggio’s paintings and the sincere characteristics of the Pre-Raphaelite masters pieces which faithfully represented reality uncorrupted by conventionalities.
This first solo art exhibition is composed of about thirty photographic works in where light plays a constructive effect on the bodies emerging from an almost indefinite background, the vibrant shaft of light that reflects on the enticing bodies of his muses, who incorporate the enchantingly beauty of normality.
Inspired every day by the people and their estrangement, culture and gender, Francesco Bertola with his photography tells us about his search of pure emotions by withdrawing all the masks that could be worn by humankind in order to arrive to the deepest human weaknesses in where strength, and sensitivity coexist.
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